I am indebted to the exceptional instruction I received as an undergraduate at a small liberal arts university and while at Vanderbilt. I hope to give my students similar experiences by structuring courses around active participation, fostering an inclusive environment and healthy conversations in the classroom, and demonstrating the relevance of course material outside of the classroom. 

While at Vanderbilt, I have taught one course as the sole instructor and worked with both undergraduate and graduate students as a teaching assistant for numerous courses. Access my student evaluations and select course materials below!

Instructor (Vanderbilt University)

Strategic Analysis (Summer 2021) Syllabus Evaluations

Teaching Assistant (Vanderbilt University)

Courses: Applied Microeconomic Research Designs & Methods (2020, 2021); Poverty and Discrimination (2021); Economic Growth (2020, 2021); Economics of Education (2020); Health Care Policy (2020); Intermediate Microeconomics (2019) 


Guest Lectures: "Advances in Difference-in-Differences Methods" Applied Microeconomic Research Designs & Methods (2021, 2023)

Accompanying Stata Code for Stacked Diff-in-Diffs Workshop